Bristol Streetwear Photographer - Tiger Blind Apparel

This has to be the best photoshoot I’ve had so far in my career, I had so much fun and most importantly I produced an amazing set of images. A brand called Tiger Blind Apparel dropped me a message on Instagram as they were looking for someone to photograph their latest range. They were looking for a grungey, gritty, and arty backdrop for the clothing; I immediately thought of Stokes Croft, which is an arty place based in the heart of Bristol. They provided me with 4 different models to work with, displaying a new range of clothing. In this blog post I will show the shots I did with Ben, a model from Devon, he was a delight to work with and knew how to work the camera. In between the photographs we discussed his tattoos and the stories behind them, this helped me understand the reasoning behind his poses. You can see a selection of shots I produced with him in this blog post.

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