Cardiff Portrait Photographer

Happy New Year! Sorry for the delayed first post of 2019 but it’s been a hectic one so far, not just in the world of design and photography. In the last week I had a photoshoot with a model called Joe Abz who’s from London but decided to come to Cardiff to shoot, he was a bit different to other models I’ve worked with; in terms of the style he was going for. I’ve been growing accustomed to the style of streetwear and the fringe styles of society, Joe was more of a gentleman in his appearance which threw up other possibilities with the shoot. He was going for a very clear and minimal feel to the images, not minimal in the sense of the nothing in the photo but the colours to be muted and almost pastel. He was looking at the idea of doing another shoot as he loved the images I produced, this time venturing into the world of streetwear.

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