Album Artwork Designer

I worked with Cas in a previous called project called ’ Russian Roulette ‘. He liked what I produced and decided to work with me on another EP called ’ Dem Man ‘. His single portrayed a friendship that went wrong, both friends realising that they’re better without each other. He wanted me to produce a cover that represented urban life alongside the symbolism between two friends falling out. He believed that he came out on top with the feud and wanted me to show that within the design.

Album Artwork Designer

Cas got in contact with me over Twitter, he recently released an EP called Russian Roulette which is about a last chance to love. He saw the idea of Russian Roulette as an old fashion game that keeps repeating itself and he wanted that represented for the cover artwork, mixed with the idea of love. Below is the artwork that I produced for him, alongside the other idea that he also liked. He went with the first idea as he believed that fully conveyed what he was imagining in his head, he believed that ’ it was perfect and exactly what I imagined ‘. I’m currently working on his next cover artwork for ’ Dem Man ‘. 

Cardiff Portrait Photographer

I met Lucas through Instagram and he wanted some shots for his modelling portfolio, he’s with a modelling agency based in London. He’s been a profesional model for the last year at the age of 18 ( I was shocked at his age too! ). He came across very professional and was clearly a natural in front of the camera, this inevitably made my job easier. He wanted a clean, minimalistic look to  his portraits. This meant looking for places that were neutral in colours or pastel colours. Two below are two of his favourite shots and mine, the rest will be up on my home page. We’ve agreed to work again and shoot in London. If you would like to book Lucas for anything then feel free to drop him a message on his Instagram: lucaszihao

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