Cardiff Music Photographer

I knew Jaxon Bright from high school, we were never close as such but we knew each other. He’s been an MC since year 10 where he was uploading videos of him spitting onto Youtube, he was turning heads back then and still is now. He’s a pretty big deal in Cardiff, he’s currently shooting his 20th music video and had the pleasure of capturing behind the scene shots as well as his headshots.

Cardiff has elements of a concrete jungle so he decided to shoot his video in a council estate in the North of Cardiff, this was the perfect backdrop for the type of shots I wanted to capture.

Bristol Streetwear Photographer

In January I had a photoshoot with a streetwear model called Amy, she lives in South Devon with her Mum. She reached out to me as she wanted to build up her portfolio a bit more before heading into London to apply for modelling jobs. We both had a vision going into the shoot, this helped both of us plan out the various shots that we wanted. The location for the shoot was Bristol as it was equal distance for both of us and the scenery was what we were looking for in terms of style.

Weeks before the shoot, we discussed what outfits were best for the shoot. We thought it would be beneficial to bring multiple outfits to the shoot, making her portfolio more expansive and versatile. One aspect we didn’t plan was the weather * sigh *, we were drenched by the end of the day but we didn’t let it DAMPEN our spirits; get it?

I sent the shots that I got from the shoot to a fashion magazine in London and they loved the images, they put them into their website and social media which was a pleasure to see. We’ve arranged another shoot in April, we’ve chosen the location of Peckham in London as we felt the backdrop would be most suitable. Below are just a selection of the images that I took.

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