Cardiff Streetwear Photographer

Adrian messaged me on instagram looking for a photoshoot as he planning on moving to London to further his career in modelling. He was a streetwear model so wanted to appeal to brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma etc. He brought along two sets of clothing which I advised him to, this meant that he had a greater choice of shots and obviously appeal to different brands.

Album Artwork Designer

I worked with Cas in a previous called project called ’ Russian Roulette ‘. He liked what I produced and decided to work with me on another EP called ’ Dem Man ‘. His single portrayed a friendship that went wrong, both friends realising that they’re better without each other. He wanted me to produce a cover that represented urban life alongside the symbolism between two friends falling out. He believed that he came out on top with the feud and wanted me to show that within the design.

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